Raise the Roof Agenda

Day 1
Essential Main Sequence:
Simultaneous Odd Jobs:
String across deck w/2x4 blocks (to address any truss problems)
Sweep the deck
Erect exterior wall partitions
Insulate the tub/shower wall
Start building rakes
Foundation back filling (if necessary)
Start building small trusses
Carry and distribute wall sheathing (from pile to wall location)
Erect interior wall partitions
Install #16 nail holders at block under studs for exterior sheathing
2x8 double porch beams installed
Quality controlled exterior wall nailing
String and straighten long walls
Mark all door jambs for size and swing
    Start exterior wall sheathing
Cut bottom plates of doors and closet
    Install top plates on exterior and interior walls
Build attic saddles for plywood deck
Critical marking for trusses on top plates (no truss over plumbing wall; watch attic stairs & fan spacing)
Make sheathing 'A' frame lifting device
String across top plates and center partition, anticipate trusses
Storage room sheathing using OSB
  Prepare trusses for first truss (exterior & interior)
Mark 1x3 on 24" centers for truss ties
Prepare & install pic board & braces
First truss up and braced from inside
Start gable end sheathing
Day 2
Essential Main Sequence:
Simultaneous Odd Jobs:
Common trusses lifted up onto plates via ladders, or over the side
Brace front door entry wall to trusses
Common truss erection starts and proceeds non-stop
Chalk lines snapping 24" centers for roof (rough side up)
Small truss (porch offset) erection must have continuous alignment or plumb cut ends
Install attic floor 3/4" plywood
Last gable end truss up & braced
Hand up roof sheathing to roof crew
Front/rear and porch rakes up
Fasten truss hurricane ties with Simpson nails
Gutter boards up both sides (caution: demo proper height via small blocks
Truss internal "X" bracing
Start roof deck sheathing; bottom course snap chalk lines both sides
Check all framing from plans (wall alignment, window sizes, corners drywall blocking)
Cut & fit roof sheathing stagger joints
Remove all internal bracing & nails
Install roof safety planks (long 2x4's) Caution all crews about sawdust roof
Homeowner kick walls for quality control on sheathing
Ensure 2" wide ridge gap at peak for birdbox building; see diagram
Metal drip edge installed
Gather debris into piles & bags or trailer; all useful materials stored; nail up door coverings and load trucks with ladders and tools