Do I Qualify to Buy a Habitat for Humanity House?

You may be eligible if you meet Habitat's basic guidelines:

1) Income:

  • My income falls within the following guidelines:

Family Size Minimum Income Maximum Income
1 Person $12,488


2 People $14,280 $30,600
3 People $16,072 $34,400
4 People $17,836 $38,220
5 People $19,264 $41,280
6 People $20,962 $44,340
7 People $22,120 $47,400
8 People $23,548 $50,460

 * Guidelines for 2014.  Income guidelines change every year.

    If your household income exceeds the "Maximum Income" please call us for more information. We may  have a program that suits your needs.

2) Ability to pay:

  • I do not have excessive debt or collections. 
  • I have not declared bankruptcy in the last 18 months.
  • I pay my rent on time.
  • I have had stable income for the past 12 months..

3) Willingness to partner with Habitat:

  • I am willing to be a partner with Habitat and put in 400 hours of "sweat equity" first working on other families' homes and then building my own home.
  • I will attend budget classes and monthly homeowner workshops.
  • I am willing to live in the areas in which Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville is building.

Frequently Asked Questions...

How Much Do I Have To Pay?

  • The House payment (taxes and insurance included) for a 3 bedroom house is typically less than $550 per month. The loan is a 20 year mortgage at 0% interest with a forgivable (soft) 2nd mortgage. The total sum of both mortgages equals the market value of the house. In addition to the monthly mortgage payment, you will be responsible for closing costs of $1,700.

How Long Does It Take Until I Can Move Into My New Home?

  • Once approved most partner families move into their homes within one year.

What is “Sweat Equity”?

  • “Sweat Equity” is the amount of physical work you put in partnering with Habitat. This can be achieved by working on other Habitat Houses as well as your own, and/or working at the Habitat ReStore. Approved applicants must complete 400 hours of time while your house is being built. Any member of the family who will also live in the home and is 16 years of age or older may help fulfill the Sweat Equity requirements. 

What do I need to do if I am interested in applying for a home? 

If you answered yes to all of the statements above (or if you are not sure), then please click on the Pre-Application link below. Print the Pre-Application, fill it out, then mail or fax it to the address on the Pre-Application. 

After we review your completed Pre-Application, we will contact you about whether or not you should fill out a full application based on your answers on the Pre-Application.

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