What's Next?

If you think you may qualify for a Habitat Home please find additional information about the process for Family Selection on this page.

Step 1)  Fill out a Pre-Application

This can be found online by clicking here.You can mail the completed application or pick up an application at:

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Louisville
1620 Bank St.,  Louisville, KY 40203

Step 2)  Credit Report

Once the Pre-Application is turned in, we will run a credit report on all applicants.

Step 3)  Full Application Interview

  • Upon approval of the Pre-Application you will be mailed a packet requesting further information, called the “full application.” This is a longer, more detailed version of the pre-application. There is also a list of all required documents that we will need (such as your tax returns and payroll stubs).
  • After completing the full application, reserve your spot for an Application Orientation.
  • At the Application Orientation, all applicants must be present. You need to bring the completed full application and the required documents. We can photocopy documents and we can answer any questions you have about Habitat.

Step 4) Family Selection Committee (FSC) *click link to learn about or volunteer for FSC

  • Your completed application packet is distributed to a Family Selection Committee Member.  This member will complete a screening packet, which will include obtaining verification from employers and landlords.  They will also will weigh (among other things), your debt-to-income ratio, and your Area Median Income percentages (AMI).  If your numbers and your verifications merit, they will ask to meet you for a home visit.
  • If you do not qualify, the screener will present you for denial at a FSC meeting.
  • If you are approved, the FSC committee will review your  screening packet, and you will be presented for approval at a Family Selection Committee meeting. The screener will contact you if you are approved. 

Step 5) Follow-up

  • If an application is rejected, reasons for the rejection will be provided by mail to the applicant.  Rejected applicants are allowed to reapply again one year from the date of their rejection letter.

Please contact Jackie Isaacs, Program Manager-Homebuyer Financial Services, 502.805.1401 or jisaacs@louisvillehabitat.org for more information regarding family qualifications or the application process.